Race History:

The Offshore New England Championships is a contiuation and adeptation of the successful event formally known as the PHRF New England Championships or "The New Englands".  The event has been run since the 1990s and has historically had around 100 boats and over 1000 sailors participate every year.

2014 was the first year for the new Offshore New England Championships.  There were 86 boats that raced over three days with great wind, sun and fun.  Click here for full results.


TEAM UCYC (Under the Crane Yacht Club)

Africa, J/70, Bill Lynn 

Sirocco, J/33, Ward Blodgett, Class 5

Corsair, Pearson 30, Peter & Ralph Carlton, Cruising 2


Best overall Performance:

West Marine Best Performance Trophy

Year     Boat Name         Boat Type           Owner Name

2000    Farr Fetched       Farr 37                Wiley Crocket

2001    Loonatic              Aerodine 38       Robert Wilcox

2003    Freightrain         Frers 36               Richard Hyde

2004    Hot Spur             Frer 36                 Phil DiCarlo

2005    Zot                       J/24                      Frank McNamara

2006    Claddagh            NM 40                 Leo Fallon

Atlantis Weather Gear Performance Trophy

2007    Freightrain         Frers 36              Richard Hyde

2008    Gambler             Frers 41              John Downey

West Marine Best Performance Trophy

2010   Maniac                 S27.9                  Roger Kuebel

2012   Sherherazade     Farr 395             Dr. Hugh Chandler


Best overall performance by a PHRF Fleet:

Fleet Challenge Trophy

2000    Marblehead Fleet

2001    Marblehead Fleet

2003    Boston Harbor Fleet

2004    Jubilee Fleet

2005    Marblehead Fleet

2006    Hingham Fleet

2007    Salem Fleet

2008    Jubilee Fleet

2009    Marblehead Fleet

2010    Jubilee Fleet

2012   Constitution Fleet

2013   Marblehead Fleet